Our Boats

Number Three

Built in Devon in 1977 as a passenger boat, Number Three is by far the youngest wooden passenger boat in operation in Bristol with fine lines similar to vessels used around the Scilly Isles.

The boat is three quarters covered and can accommodate forty people comfortably.

Number Three completed an extensive refit in 2024 to keep her shipshape.


Number Five

Number Five is a genuine former workboat, lively and simply beautiful since being restored to shipshape condition.

This boat is available for up to twenty-seven passengers and at 28 feet is the smallest of the Number Seven fleet. Being most economical, this vessel is everyone’s first choice for private trips or tours in fine weather.

We recommend wearing practical clothing.


Number Seven

Originally one of four ship’s lifeboats purchased from the Cable and Wireless ship “M/V Mercury”. Number Seven will seat thirty-six passengers. 

It is a covered boat with good weather protection and has roll-up windows to give excellent ventilation in hot weather. Number Seven comes with a bar, toilet and sound system similar to Number Three.

Mary Brunel

The "Mary Brunel" is, without a doubt, the hardest working boat in Bristol. She operates on the Cross Harbour Ferry service every day of the year ! Well, okay, she has Christmas and Boxing Day off.

Historically, Mary has been the only public transport in operation when buses and trains were cancelled due to winter conditions.

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